Breaking Bond Part I: My Two Dads

How is it that a character created over 70 years ago in the aftermath of WW2 is still impacting the world in 2021? Is this Holmes, Poirot, or even Hamlet?

Much like the characters mentioned Bond is a classic study of his time – in his case the mid-20 th century. Yet much like the more classical characters there is something about the Ian Fleming creation that pushes beyond the world in which he was created in. Beyond the Cold War, the Space Race, international terrorism, computer hacking – you name it. Bond transcends but WHY?

Much like the more literary accomplished Doyle, Christie, and Shakespeare; Fleming was
perfectly suited for his subject and his audience, yet he had a secret weapon that none of those giants mentioned before him had – he had the silver screen and he had one man that would come to dominate the tradition of Bond even more than the creator himself – Cubby.

Cubby Broccoli and Albert Saltzman (for several years) were the catalysts in the early days
transforming the character from the pages of Fleming’s novels, which were far more traditional in their storytelling style, to the blockbuster industry changing movies we have been watching for almost six decades.

Yet as both Fleming and Saltzman exited the Bond landscape through death and business it left one man – Cubby.

Cubby was the perfect steward to the Bond legacy and its future – it became a family affair with both his wife and children taking active roles in the execution of each movie….including and especially “No Time To Die’”.

So, without Fleming and now without Cubby, who passed over twenty-five years ago in ’96, the Broccoli family has been more adept than ever at not just keeping Bond relevant and fresh but somewhat groundbreaking. Seamless transitions from lead actors six times in as many decades, keeping up with the fickle tastes of fans trough “The New Hollywood” of the 60’s, the blockbuster model of the 70’s & 80’s (a model one could argue was born of Bond), and now through the CGI and jump cuts of the 2000’s.

And yet here we are in 2021 and the movie industry is facing its biggest challenge since the rise of the VCR add in COVID and you have a truly unprecedented challenge that could turn the marquee lights off for good.

Fleming, Cubby, Moore, even Connery are all gone in 2021. Gone also are the devastating sexist and somewhat racist troupes that filled the cinematic landscape of the 20 th century – we are embarking on so many new roads one might struggle to find a place for the likes of Bond.

  • Why did Bond matter?
  • Does he matter now?
  • Can THE most iconic womanizer, smoker, drinker, driver, fighter, patriot, and man make it in the woke world we live in?

Is Bond going to get canceled by the culture he helped create?

Let Us Discuss These Things And More….So Sit Back And Relax Mom & Dad Won’t Be Back For At Least

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