“No Time to Die?” That Is Exactly What The Theaters Are Banking On!

What year is it? 2020…2021? Once we figure out what year it is will going over to a friend’s house for dinner or to a convention center for a work conference be the same or even preferred?

Because right now neither feel remotely the same as they did just a short time ago.

  • Will going to the movies matter – I mean will going to an actual movie theater matter?
  • Will Bond….James Bond…matter?

As interesting a subject as James Bond is there was no way of knowing just how precinct the release of the latest Bond movie “No Time To Die” would become for not only the franchise but the entire movie industry.

In the over 120-year history of film this release may very well be its most important playing out in front of a backdrop already cluttered with smart phones, ear buds, bright screens, and attention spans lasting shorter than Bond’s marriage – throw in COVID and all the legitimate anxiety, frustration, and quite frankly exhaustion that has come with it and one must look at the release of this film, the 27 the Bond film in the franchise, as THE most important.

Wait – one question….When is it coming out?

March 2020…No…November 2020…Nope…April 2021…No Mr. Bond!!!

As of now…which will soon be then…its October 2021.

OK…let us be fair and balanced or honest or whatever you are supposed to be these days there is no criticizing what is going on here there is no need to explain to anyone how much money and how many livelihoods depend on this movie’s release and its successful distribution in MOVIE THEATERS around the world.

Theaters in the UK were already stressed with restrictions and COVID concerns and when the latest release date fell through in late 2020 it spelled the end for some. Those theaters that closed will likely shutter for good.

Any latch key kid worth their salt can tell you that there were no better places in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s to spend good quality latch key time than in movie theaters.

Mom and Dad wanted to go out with their friends for dinner and drinks, but they either could not or did not find a sitter – no problem!

Let Us Discuss These Things And More….So Sit Back And Relax Mom & Dad Won’t Be Back For At Least An Hour!

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