Goodbye Lockdown! What Did We Watch? Coming Soon…The June Swoon!

What a difference a day makes…or maybe a year. Just twelve months ago we were legitimately bunkered down in our man caves, she sheds, and rumpus rooms (what exactly is a rumpus room anyway?) awaiting the worst from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today drive by a movie theater complex and it kind of feels like maybe we were all in a nightmare horror movie that seems to have begun to let out – unfortunately, many people did not make it out alive or unscathed.

With the hopes of a somewhat normal summer in front of us let us take a moment and look back at what got us through “Those Difficult Times” from a streaming perspective as we dive into a very unscientific Latch Key survey.

Was it Action, Thrillers, Comedy, Tragedy, or even Documentaries?

From small kids all the way up to Boomers and beyond we dive into what we were watching during the plague.

Next up…Several weeks ago, we talked about ‘No Time To Die’ – the trials and tribulations of getting Bond’s 26th film out of the gate and into the theaters.

Let us revisit the progress made on both the Bond front (paging Jeff Bezos you are needed on set in your Blofeld costume) as well as the progress on the reopening of the theaters.

From ‘Mortal Kombat’ to ‘A Quiet Place’ from ‘Demon Slayer’ to ‘Cruella’ the race back to the movies is happening faster than many expected. How is this impacting the studios, exhibitors, and most importantly the fans?

What is next and how will the traditional Summer Blockbuster look after ‘The Year The World Went Away’?

We will discuss all these things and more on our next episode of The Latch Key Kids.

So Sit Back And Relax Mom & Dad Won’t Be Back For At Least An Hour!

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