Breaking Bond Part VI: Thunderball

They say every family has at least one and for Ian Fleming, Cubby Broccoli, and Harry Saltzman their problem child was most definitely Thunderball.

From EON Productions very first days Thunderball was going to be the first, no…the second, how about the third film…nope.

Each time the problem child proved too difficult that is until 1965 and once it was all said and done the fourth time proved to be the charm and, over time, Thunderball proved to be about as good as it would get for our original group of Bond founding fathers both on set and in the theater.

What if I told you Bond himself loved the location so much, he would move there?

What if I also told you that if you try to visit the shark house at Rock Point in the Bahamas today you better watch out for the dogs!

And why do all these lead singers keep passing out?  Tom Jones it’s your turn!

So, Sit Back And Relax Mom & Dad Won’t Be Back For At Least An Hour! Latch Key Kids Present “Breaking Bond Part VI: Thunderball.

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