Breaking Bond Part VII: You Only Live Twice

“You Can’t Go Home Again” those are the words Thomas Wolfe used for his posthumously titled 1938 novel, and for our beloved cast of Bond characters Cubby Broccoli, Harry Saltzman, and most of all Sean Connery those words could never have been more appropriate for by the time filming began in 1966 in Japan on EON Productions 5th Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’ it was clear that much had changed.

Money had been pouring in, egos had reached heights never before seen, Ian Fleming was gone and so to be the fraternal atmosphere that had permeated the sets at Pinewood and the exotic locations around the world.

What laid in store for the crew in Japan both before and during production would spell the end to the most prolific era of Bond movie making ever seen that not even Willy Wonka could put it back together again.

What if I told you that ‘You Only Live Twice’ almost ended the lives of several members of the film crew before filming even began?

And what if I also told you that things got so bad not even the chairman of the board Frank Sinatra himself wanted anything to do with it!

And what in the world does The Rock Dwayne Johnson have to do with all of this?

Let’s find out why in our latest edition of The Latch Key Kids Present “Breaking Bond Part VII: You Only Live Twice”

So, Sit Back And Relax Mom & Dad Won’t Be Back For At Least An Hour!

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