Breaking Bond Part XII: The Spy Who Loved Me

“Nobody Does It Better….Makes Me Feel Sad For The Rest”….That’s how Carley Simon sang it in the Oscar nominated song that would accompany one of the biggest Bond movies of them all.

The song’s title may have been different from the movie, yet it would go on to reach #2 on the Billboard charts and be nominated for a Grammy for song of the year in 1977.  One could say the song was about Bond, yet one could also say the song was about Cubby…Cubby Broccoli was about to prove just that – Nobody Does Bond Better as he, along with his stepson Michael Wilson, were about to embark on a meteoric moment in the Bond franchise and just when they needed it most.

To quote another popular song of the time “Send Lawyers, Guns, And Money…Dad Get Me Out Of This” because ghosts from the present and the past were coming after Cubby, Bond, and the film everyone was talking about….1977’s ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’!

Did you know that we almost got the creators of ‘Animal House’ and ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’ to both work on this picture together?

Did you also know that to help the Lotus learn to swim we would be going to back in time like a Thunderball to none other than Big Tam’s back yard?

So, It’s About That Time To Sit Back And Relax Mom & Dad Won’t Be Back For At Least An Hour!  And Welcome To The Latch Key Kids Presents “Breaking Bond Part XII: The Spy Who Loved Me”.

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