Breaking Bond Part XVIII: The Living Daylights

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Since the beginning of the 1980’s Cubby Broccoli and the rest of the EON Productions team have dodged double agents, maniacal Soviet generals, a blond-haired Christopher Walken, the return of Sean Connery in ‘Never Say Never Again’ and now perhaps their biggest challenge…convincing the world that a Welsh born Shakespearean actor, best known as Prince Barin in Flash Gordon, was the new James Bond. 

In 1986 Timothy Dalton signed on for the role of a lifetime when he agreed to become the fourth actor to play Bond for Cubby Broccoli in the 15th or 16th Bond movie 1987’s ‘The Living Daylights’.  This film would have everything a new Money Penny, an exploding Aston Martin, Ferris wheels, and even Sallah on loan from Dr. Jones.  Yet, would it be enough to keep the most successful franchise in movie history competing with the likes of ‘Robo Cop’, Beverly Hills Cop 2, Superman IV, The Lost Boys, Jaws The Revenge, or even an old friend’s latest movie ‘The Untouchables’? 

Did you know Timothy Dalton had been on Cubby and Harry’s radar as far back as 1968?  Did you also know that looking back on ‘The Living Daylights’ 34 years after its release many consider the movie to not only be a Bond classic, but the first in a more aggressive and conflicted portrayal of 007?   

So, grab your cello but don’t declare it…Because It’s Time To Sit Back And Relax Mom & Dad Won’t Be Back For At Least An Hour….And Welcome To The Latch Key Kids Presents “Breaking Bond Part XVIII: The Living Daylights”. 

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