Howard Hawkes, Irving Thalberg & Cubby Broccoli

Howard Hawkes (1896) & Irving Thalberg (1899) both of whom would go on to revolutionize and modernize the world of movies. Hawks would go on to make over 40 movies spanning both the silent and talking picture eras, including The Outlaw. Irving Thalberg (aka The Boy Wonder) was a driving force in Hollywood during the 1920’s & 30’s laying much of the ground work for the modern studio system we came to know throughout the 20th century. Unfortunately Thalberg’s life was cut short in 1936 from complications from pneumonia – The Academy Award named their life time achievement award after him in 1937 – to date the award has been presented only 39 times.

Did you know that Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli worked for Hawks on ‘The Outlaw’ before he became one of the founders of EON Productions and main producer of The James Bond film series?

Did you also know that even before working with Hawks, “Cubby” worked for a jeweler in Beverly Hills where one of his clients was none other than Irving Thalberg – Cubby Broccoli would go on to win the coveted Irving Thalberg Award in 1981 for his lifetime achievement in film.

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