Breaking Bond Part XXI: Tomorrow Never Dies

1995’s ‘Goldeneye’ made Cubby Broccoli proud as it not only reintroduced James Bond to the world after a 6-year absence, but it also introduced Pierce Brosnan as the new 007…’Goldeneye’ was not only the biggest Bond debut ever it was the biggest Bond ever supplanting 1979’s ‘Moonraker’. 

So, by the winter of 1997 the world was ready for the biggest movie ever made….and it would get it…James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’. 

That is right EON Productions 18th Bond movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ released the same day as the movie that, for a time, would make more money than any movie ever made. 

So ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ may have picked the wrong weekend to release yet looking back on Pierce Brosnan’s sophomore effort as 007 one can only think just how forward thinking both the plot and the villain would be – media taking over a world now obsessed with being online – who could have seen it coming? 

Did you know, although you could not tell on screen,  Pierce Brosnan and Bond girl Terri Hatcher were not on the best of terms at times during the shoot? 

Did you know that once again Hannibal Lecter was offered the top spot to play a Bond villain and he declined? 

And did you also know that little movie about the big boat would earn an Oscar for a long time Bond master who also declined to work on ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’? 

And what does Peter Parker have to do with all of this?

Let’s learn about these things and more as it is time to sit back and relax – Mom and Dad won’t be back for at least an hour and Welcome To The Latch Key Kids Present “Breaking Bond Part XXI: Tomorrow Never Dies “.

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