Breaking Bond Part XXVII: SPECTRE

On October 26, 2015, an old friend was finally able to come home again.  It had been 34 years since he had been dropped down a smokestack by Roger Moore and 44 years since he slinked away from Sean Connery in a midget submarine. 

Yet after all these years Ernst Stavro Blofeld had returned and with Kevin McCleary’s passing in 2006 and his family’s lawsuits settled the path was now clear for EON Production’s 24th James Bond film ‘SPECTRE’. 

Once a bad word it was now the title of Daniel Craig’s fourth and possibly last go as 007. 

Did you know that before Sam Mendes agreed to return The Dark Knight was in serious consideration? 

Did you know Sirius Black, and Keyser Soze almost became Blofeld? 

And did you also know that the Bond competitor Mission Impossible opted to move from their release date as not to compete with 007?

So, let’s take the trip that marks the beginning of the end and sit back and relax Mom and Dad won’t be back for at least an hour and Welcome to The Latch Key Kids Present “Breaking Bond Part XVII: SPECTRE”

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