My Favorite Year (Special Edition): Planes, Trains & Automobiles

They say things happen in threes and in 1987 three of the best Hollywood had to offer joined together to tell a story that even now, 35 years after its release leaves a lasting impact. 

John Hughes, Steve Martin, and John Candy were quite literally at the top of their games when they brought to life the Thanksgiving classic Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

The film would mark a turning point for all three men, who’s roots were connected by the likes of Second City, Saturday Night Live, and National Lampoon. 

As their careers continued to skyrocket into the 90’s, each of them would forge a unique and unforgettable path that helped define a generation.

However, despite the countless roles and movies that would identify them.  The Jerk, Stripes, Vacation, Mr. Mom, Roxanne, Summer Rental, The Three Amigos, Splash, Home Alone, The Breakfast Club, Uncle Buck, Parenthood, Ferris Bueller, The Blues Brothers, Father of the Bride – it is the story of Del Griffith and Neal Page’s Thanksgiving journey that stands alone.

A bona fide cinematic classic that captures and re-captures the heart each and every year around the Thanksgiving table. 

The Latch Key Kids are going to tell you why….Because it’s time to sit back and relax Mom & Dad won’t be back for at least an hour and Welcome To The Latch Key Kids Present This Season Three Special Edition Of My Favorite Year 1987 – Planes, Trains, And Automobiles.

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