Ready For Prime Time Players Part VII: It Just Popped In There

From the golden age of SNL one man transcended the writing room, the stage, the silver screen, the recording studio, and the egos. 

One man was able to; for the most part not only avoid self-destruction but put his friendship and sanity on the line to help others as they were spiraling out of control. 

One man was able to parlay his lizard brain and high intellect into a career that has spanned seven decades and has taken him from the back alleys and speak easy’s of Ottawa all the way to the Academy Awards…

Of course, that man is Fred Garvin Male Prostitute or his more recognizable name Dan Aykroyd. 

Did you know Aykroyd played drums for Muddy Waters, starred alongside John Candy in a popular Canadian TV show while simultaneously working on SNL, and started not one but two multi-million dollar businesses that give back to the communities they serve?

There is a reason we here at The Latch Key Kids call him “The Real Genius” let’s find out why together because it’s time to sit back and relax Mom & Dad won’t be back for at least an hour and Welcome To The Latch Key Kids Presents “Ready For Prime Time Players Part VII: It Just Popped In There”

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