Ready For Prime Time Players Part X: Tuesday’s Gone

By 1980 the last TV show to have started in the 1960’s Hawaii 5-0 was ending its run and shooting had already started in Hawaii on its replacement Magnum P.I. 

By 1980 the path was clear for a one-time B movie actor to broker his way through a convention and a hostage negotiation to ascend to the Presidency in November. 

Meanwhile in New York City the once “Not Ready For Prime Time Players” were actually on in Prime Time almost every Wednesday night with a Best of SNL accompanying the new season 5 shows on Saturday. 

The 1970’s were ending in more ways than one and the entire cast, writing room, and even the creator Lorne Michaels were looking beyond Season 5 of Saturday Night Live to what was next. 

Broadway, Television Series, Movies these were all in the future for Jane Curtain, Garret Morris, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, and Gilda Radner. 

Yet before this groundbreaking, pioneering, and 100% original performers moved on we would get one last trip around the dial at Studio 8H.  

Let’s take that trip with them together because it’s time to sit back and relax Mom and Dad won’t be back for at least an hour and Welcome To The Latch Key Kids Presents: “Ready For Prime Time Players Part X: Tuesday’s Gone.”

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