‘The Trials of Oscar Wilde’ & Cubby Broccoli

Have you seen the 1960 classic ‘The Trials of Oscar Wilde’?

Did you know this would be the final film of note made by Warwick Productions a company spearheaded by Irving Allen & Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli?

Allen & Broccoli would dissolve their relationship after this film over an argument about the potential of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels.

The ‘Trials of Oscar Wilde’ would be a groundbreaking moment in storytelling as it relates to the LBGTQA community as the film tackles the mistreatment of Wilde (played by Peter Finch) during his libel and subsequent criminal cases at the hands of Sir Edward Carson (played by James Mason).

The film proved to be extremely controversial for its time and encountered severe resistance during its initial release. Throughout the years however, the film would prove to become a classic and marked a seminal moment in movie history.

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