Tom Mankiewicz: AKA “The Script Doctor” &”The Bard Of Bond”

Tom Mankiewicz was born in Los Angles to Hollywood legend Joseph Mankiewicz, famous director and writer of ‘A Letter To Three Lives’ and ‘All About Eve’ he won both Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay for both movies.

Tom would go on the be known as “The Script Doctor” where he would be brought on to fix countless scripts over a career that spanned four decades.

Mankiewicz would write or touch up some of Hollywood’s most successful movies from ‘The Cassandra Crossing’ to ‘War Games’ from ‘Gremlins’ to ‘The Goonies’. Mankiewicz was the driving force behind both ‘Superman’ and the superior ‘Superman II’.

Yet Mankiewicz was most well known as the “The Bard Of Bond” writing all five Bond movies in the 70’s:

‘Diamonds Are Forever’

‘Live and Let Die’

‘The Man with The Golden Gun’

‘The Spy Who Loved Me’


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