Bond & The Avengers – No Not THAT Avengers 007

In June 2015, veteran British actor Patrick Macnee pass away at the age of 93.

Macnee was a mainstay on both the small and big screens for eight decades. His most famous role was that of the stylish and dashing John Steed in the 60’s TV show ‘The Avengers’, opposite the beautiful Diana Rigg.

The show would prove to be a smash hit and run for a successful 6 seasons.

Macnee was clear to point out how he chose to play Steed as the anthesis to the popular James Bond character in the EON movie series of the time.

Steed didn’t carry a gun and tried to avoid violence. Macnee was a lieutenant and decorated war veteran of WW2 having planned to take part in D-Day alongside his crew, yet he came down with bronchitis the day before the invasion. His entire crew and boat were lost while he was recovering.

Did you know that Patrick Macnee was a close friend of James Bond author Ian Fleming?

Did you also know Macnee disliked the Bond character, going so far as describing him as “perfectly repulsive, sadistic and disgusting… the very antithesis of Steed, in fact.”

Macnee was a close friend of Roger Moore and in 1985 finally joined the Bond universe staring alongside his friend in EON productions ‘A View to a Kill’ as Sir Godfrey Tibbett.

Macnee would also lend his voice over talents, serving as narrator, for several documentaries about Bond and Bond films and even one on Fleming.

Beyond Bond, Macnee would star in several American TV shows produced by Glen Larson with his most memorable role coming in ‘Magnum P.I.’ where he portrayed a retired British agent who believed he was Sherlock Holmes.

Macnee also played Dr. Watson several times in his career opposite both Roger Moore and Christopher Lee.

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