Rod Serling: An Argument Could Be Made He Was The Best Of Us

On June 28, 1975, the brilliant Rod Serling passes away after battling heart disease, his final heart attack occurred while having open heart surgery, which in 1975 was far riskier than it is today.

The entertainment industry and the world lost a true giant that day.

While Serling is best remembered for his narration and introductions on ‘The Twilight Zone’ it was Serling’s writing that truly changed and shaped the mid 20th century and beyond.

Many of Serling’s writings covering censorship, racism, and war are as impactful now as the day they were written, in some cases over nine decades ago.

Serling would get his start on radio where his unmistakable voice would first be heard, this would then be followed by his writing which would take him to heights and depths (especially being censored in the 1950’s) few before or after him would reach.

As the dawn of television rose Serling, as he did in radio, would find himself at the forefront challenging his audience with tales that captivated the mind and the soul.

‘The Twilight Zone’ which would be Serling’s enduring legacy was the ultimate showcase of his talents as both a writer and presenter – to this day it is almost impossible to find a place where it does not air.

Did you know Rod Serling wrote ‘Requiem for a Heavyweight’ for CBS’ “Playhouse 90” and it would go on to be produced several times, including a major motion picture starring Anthony Quinn?

Did you also know a young Sean Connery would play the lead in the BBC production?

This role for Connery helped solidify his casting as James Bond just a few years later.

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