Eva Green Reinvented “The Bond Girl” – Does She Get Enough Credit?

Actress Eva Green was born on July 6, 1980, in Paris. While getting her start in theater Green made her film debut in Academy Award winning director Bernardo Bertolucci’s 2003 movie ‘The Dreamers’ while also co-staring opposite Orlando Bloom in Ridley Scott’s 2005 epic ‘Kingdom of Heaven’.

Green’s most prominent role however was that of Vesper Lynd the love of James Bond in the 2006 reboot ‘Casino Royale’.

Due to Lynd’s character traits and Green’s flawless acting performance opposite Daniel Craig many count her as the most complete Bond girl of the entire 60 year franchise.

In fact some reviewers have been quoted as saying Green’s character and performance “…broke and therefore made James Bond”.

Did you know Green turned down the role of Vesper Lynd when first approached in 2005?

Did you also know that Green was considered for the role of Tessa Abbot-Quayle in Fernando Meirelles ‘The Constant Gardner’ a role that subsequently went to Daniel Craig’s future wife Rachel Weisz and a role that she would win an Academy Award for Best Actress?

We here at The Latch Key Kids believe Eva Green completely set the stage for the Craig era Bond films, while she is only in the original “Casino Royale, it could be argued that Vesper is in the background of every Bond story clear to the final edition “No Time To Die” – she is a classic!

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