Halle Berry’s Jinx Should Have Had Bond’s First Spin Off Movie…Is There Still A Chance?

BY the time actress Halle Berry wed fellow actor Oliver Martinez in Vallery, France, in 2013 she was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Halle Berry started as a pageant winner (coming in 2nd in the 1986 Miss USA pageant) and then progressed to acting in the late 80’s appearing on TV in shows such as ‘Who’s The Boss?’.

The 1990’s would prove to be Halle Berry’s launching pad starting with Spike Lee’s 1991 hit movie ‘Jungle Fever’. After that performance Halle Berry broke out in the Eddie Murphy hit movie ‘Boomerang’.

Further success was found in dramatic roles such as ‘Introducing Dorothy Dandridge’ in which she received her first major awards with a Golden Globe and Prime Time Emmy.

In 2001 Halle Berry would blaze the trail actresses such as Dorothy Dandridge had started by securing the first Best Actress Academy Award by an African American woman for her devastating performance in ‘Monster’s Ball’.

It was then that Halle Berry entered the Bond universe in 2002 with her portrayal of ‘Jinx’ Johnson opposite Pierce Brosnan’s 007 in ‘Die Another Day’.

In an homage to Ursula Andress in ‘Dr. No’, Berry emerged from the ocean in a bikini with a knife. ‘Jink’ has been named the 4th toughest female character of all time by Bond fans.

It would be during the filming of “Die Another Day” that Berry would fly back to LA to claim her historic Oscar for Best Actress for 2001’s “Monster’s Ball”.

On the heels of the Oscar win and the overwhelming reaction to Jinx there were deep conversations about a spin off movie allowing Berry to reprise her role, as well as Michael Madsen, even bring in Javier Bardem (who would eventually join Bond years later) – a release date for the winter of 2004 was set by MGM.

However, the team at both EON and MGM decided to cancel the spin off and Pierce Brosnan and opt for a complete re-boot of Bond with 2006’s “Casino Royale”.

Rumors persist that Jinx could still turn back up.

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