How One Of Hollywood’s Most Famous Superhero Villains Almost Played Bond

Terence Stamp was born in London, in 1938 and his career has spanned an incredible seven decades starting with an Academy Award nominated performance in the 1962 classic ‘Billy Bud’ (he would win the Golden Globe) and his latest role in the highly anticipated Edgar Wright film ‘Last Night in Soho’ set for release in October 2021 (the film will also mark the final appearance of Diana Rigg).

Stamp has left his mark across stage, screen, and television (even video games with his voice over work) over the years playing varying types from hero to arch villain.

Stamp has been nominated for almost every major acting award and has won many, yet The Academy Award has remained elusive – many felt he could have been nominated and won for his portrayal of Wilson in 1999’s ‘The Limey’.

Stamp’s most recognizable and most popular role among fans was in The Superman universe where he portrayed the feared General Zod in 1980’s ‘Superman II’ directed by Richard Donner.

Did you know Terrence Stamp was considered as a replacement for Sean Connery as James Bond?

Did you know this was prior to ‘You Only Live Twice’ when it appeared Connery might back out?

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