My Favorite Year Part III: Secret Of My Success

By the Spring of 1987 it was evident that the tides were shifting all around us – leaders, music, television, and of course motion pictures

Behind us already in ‘87 was Stallone, Freddy Kruger, Woody Allen, The Coen Brothers, Smoke Show Kim Cattrall, John Hughes, and of course Riggs & Murtaugh   The Giants had won Super Bowl XXI – The Chicago Bulls were making back to back playoff runs with their new star Michael Jordan and a little family show was premiering on a new network – the network was FOX, and the show was “Married With Children”

It was all moving very fast, and the Spring run up to the historic Summer of ‘87 was not going to pass quietly Hopper, Nolte, Reynolds, Hoffman, Beaty, Michael J Fox (again), the patron Saint of 1987 Steve Guttenberg (again) would all make appearances

However, it would be an old friend of The Latch Key Kids that would once again steal the show – just like he did in Studio 8H on Saturday Night Live earlier in the decade Eddie Murphy would remind everyone he was one of the funniest and most bankable actor this side of Beverly Hills

So, let’s catch up with Axel & Friends because it’s time to sit back and relax Mom & Dad won’t be back for at least an hour and welcome to The Latch Key Kids Present “My Favorite Year Part III: Secret Of My Success”

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