Breaking Bond Part XVII: A View To A Kill

“Dance into the fire to fatal sounds of broken dreams…The choice for you is the view to a kill”  Those are the lyrics from the 1985 title song from Duran Duran and the only James Bond theme song to go #1 in the US.  While the song was one of the highpoints of ‘A View To A Kill’ the fourteenth EON Produced James Bond film the lyrics would prove to be prophetic as more than one fire would have to be danced through to get this historic production to the theater.  It had now been 13 years since Roger Moore first holstered the Walther PPK and it had been 19 years since the historic 007 Stage was built at Pinewood studio by the time ‘A View To Kill’ was finished both would be gone from Bond forever.  Did you know before Christopher Walken agreed to be Zorin – we almost had Ziggy Stardust?  And did you also know that even Duran Duran wouldn’t make it out of this movie intact?         

Grab your Walkman and your Vuarnets because the only way to get out of the 80’s is to go straight through them…So It’s Time To Sit Back And Relax Mom & Dad Won’t Be Back For At Least An Hour….And Welcome  To The Latch Key Kids Presents “Breaking Bond Part XVII: A View To A Kill”. 

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